8D7N Highlights of Vietnam: North and Central


Immerse yourself in the captivating wonders of North and Central Vietnam. Experience the awe-inspiring landscapes of Sapa’s terraced fields, the mystical allure of Ha Long Bay, and the enchanting allure of Hoi An’s streets. Delve into the region’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. This is a journey that will leave you feeling truly privileged and inspired.

  • Private land tour. 2 to go. Departing on any dates.
  • 20 Meals: 7 Breakfast, 6 Lunches, 7 Dinners
  • No compulsory shopping stops. No optional tour.
  • Covers the must-do in North and Central Vietnam
  • North Vietnam: Sapa & Ha Long Bay overnight cruise
  • Central Vietnam: Cam Thanh Coconut Village, Hoi An Ancient Town, Bana Hills

North Vietnam

The winter season (December to February) brings cooler temperatures, with averages ranging from 15°C to 20°C, while Spring (March to April) sees gradual increase in warmth, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 28°C. The Summer (May to August) brings higher temperatures, ranging from 30°C to 35°C, and occasional rain. Finally, autumn (September to November) is marked by mild temperatures, ranging from 20°C to 25°C, and drier weather.

Central Vietnam

This region experiences a more consistent temperature throughout the year. It has a hot and dry season from January to August, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C. September to December brings the wet season, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 28°C and occasional typhoons.

Day 1.

  • Xin Chao! Your friendly local guide awaits your arrival at the airport.
  • Embark on a drive to Sapa, nestled in Vietnam’s remote northwest mountains. Renowned for its breathtaking, rugged scenery and diverse cultural tapestry, the region is adorned with mesmerizing rice terraces and abundant vegetation.

Day 2.

  • Rong May Glass Bridge – The bridge, constructed from transparent glass, stands as one of the highest glass bridges in Vietnam. Perched atop the O Quy Ho pass in the Tam Duong district of Lai Chau province, this extraordinary project is also known as the Sky Gate.
  • Sun World Fansipan – Reaching the summit of Mt Fansipan, the highest peak in Indochina and often referred to as the ‘Rooftop of Indochina,’ is an unparalleled experience. Ascend this majestic peak in Vietnam via a cable car and funicular ride, where a breathtaking panorama awaits at the mountain’s pinnacle.
  • Sapa Stone Church – Located in the centre of Sapa’s town, Sapa Stone Church is revered as the most well-preserved ancient French architectural masterpiece in the area. The church, built in the cross-shaped simulation of Gothic Roman architecture, showcases intricate details in its roof, bell tower, arches, and pyramidal structure. The windows adorned with colored glass add to the church’s unique charm.

Land Tour Only

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