23D19N Colombia, Ecuador, Galápagos Islands and Panama

Gestemani Jaime Bishara

Explore the four nations of Colombia, Ecuador, Galápagos Islands, and Panama! From Bogotá’s vibrant streets to the surreal wildlife of the Galapagos or a journey through ancient history on Panama’s beaches, there are breathtaking landscapes waiting around every corner. Get ready for an adventure that you’ll never forget with this amazing collection of cultures and nature all within our reach.

Go explore vibrant cities like Bogotá, Cartagena and Quito in Colombia or take a chance to cruise up close with animals exclusive only on Galapagos Islands – giant tortoises, marine iguanas & blue-footed boobies! Don’t forget exploring the urban delights of Panamanian capital city while taking trails on beaches & rainforests as well. An adventure filled experience awaits you now – are you ready?


Colombia is located near the equator, so it does not experience distinct four seasons. Instead, the country has two rainy seasons (May-June and October-November) and two dry seasons (December-April and July-September). Temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging between 18°C-24°C.


Ecuador has a diverse climate due to its varying altitude and proximity to the equator. The country experiences two main seasons: the dry season (June-September) and the wet season (October-May). The weather in the highlands tends to be cooler and wetter, while the coastal regions are more humid and experience warmer temperatures year-round.

Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands have a subtropical climate with two main seasons: the hot season (December-May) and the cool season (June-November). The hot season is characterized by warm temperatures, clear skies, and calm seas, making it the most popular time to visit. The cool season is characterized by cooler temperatures, stronger winds, and occasional rain.


Panama has a tropical climate with two main seasons: the dry season (December-April) and the wet season (May-November). During the dry season, temperatures are hot and humid, with very little rainfall. During the wet season, temperatures remain warm, but the country experiences heavy rainfall and occasional thunderstorms.

Day 1. Welcome to a unique experience!

Assemble at Changi Airport for our flight to Bogota, Colombia’s capital.


Day 2.

  • Arrive in the Colombian capital founded in 1538, Bogota (2600m asl). Here we can meet the dilapidated colonial grandeur and the seething vitality of a modern metropolis.

Day 3.

  • Drive to Monserrate (3048m) and ascend by cable car for a magnificent view of the valley and the city. The chapel was built by a Spanish cleric in 1650.
  • Admire La Candelaria, a historic neighbourhood with Spanish Colonial and Baroque styles architecture. Walk to Bolivar’s Square where various government buildings stand, including the House of Flowers where the independence movement started.
  • Visit the Gold Museum, which house the world’s largest collection of pre Columbian gold items. In the late afternoon, board a flight to Pereira in the Coffee Triangle famous for rolling hillsides of coffee plantations to plunging valleys and snow-capped peaks.
La Candelaria

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